How Can You Live With Voices in Head?

Angelo, a London-born scientist in his early 30s with sandy brown hair, round wire-frame glasses and a slight, unobtrusive stammer, vividly recalls the day he began to hear voices. It was Jan. 7, 2001, and he had recently passed his Ph.D. oral exams in chemistry at an American university, where, for the previous four and a half years, he conducted research into infrared electromagnetism. Angelo was walking home from the laboratory when, all of a sudden, he heard two voices in his head. “It was like hearing thoughts in my mind that were not mine,” he explained recently. “They identified themselves as Andrew and Oliver, two angels. In my mind’s eye, I could see an image of a bald, middle-aged man dressed in white against a white background. This, I was told, was Oliver.” What the angels said, to Angelo’s horror, was that in the coming days, he would die of a brain hemorrhage. Terrified, Angelo hurried home and locked himself into his apartment. For three long days he waited out his fate, at which time his supervisor drove him to a local hospital, where Angelo was admitted to the psychiatric ward. It was his first time under psychiatric care. He had never heard voices before. His diagnosis was schizophrenia with depressive overtones.

Photomontage by Suellen Parker Angelo remembers his time at the hospital as the deepening of a nightmare. On top of his natural confusion and fear over the shattering of his psychological stability, Angelo did not react well to the antipsychotic he’d been prescribed, risperidone, which is meant to alleviate the symptoms of schizophrenia by reducing the level of dopamine in the brain. In Angelo’s case, the pills had a predominantly negative effect. His voices remained strong and disturbing — an unshakable presence, quiet only in sleep — while he grew sluggish and enervated. “If you think of the mind as a flowing river of thoughts,” he told me in an e-mail message, “the drug made my mind feel like a slow-moving river of treacle.” Several days into his stay, Angelo’s parents flew to the United States from London and took him back home. Auto Insurance Quote - offers this service to help you find solutions and auto insurance Online boat insurance services from GEICO: online boat insurance quotes, online policyholder service, learn about boat insurance Compare cheap car insurance quotes from over 50 motor insurance companies and buy your policy online. Quotes for performance car owners, women drivers and car insurance Get FREE Debt Consolidation advice to consolidate debt and loan payments. Avoid bankruptcy, become debt free and lower your payments debt consolidation Flowers, roses, plants and gift delivery. Order flowers from ProFlowers once, and you'll never use flower delivery from florists againflowers Information about hair loss from the American Academy of Family Physicians. hair loss iSelect makes choosing a private health insurance policy in Australia simple, with expert advice across a range of health funds health insurance America's #1 online insurance agency. Compare instant auto insurance quotes, car insurance quotes, life insurance quotes insurance A resource provided by the Interior Design Associations of North America to promote and provide information on careers in Interior Design interior design E-LOAN offers home mortgage, refinance, home equity loans, lines of credit, auto and motorcycle loans, savings accounts and CDs with great rates online loan Mortgage calculator: Use this mortgage calculator to figure your monthly mortgage payment, show the impact of extra mortgage payments and create an mortgage calculator 1000's of Free Ringtones for you to download and use on your cell phone, all of our ringtones are completely free of charge. We also have the billboard ringtones The essential travel guide offers something for everyone including holiday travel and business. For all your needs use our essential informative guide travel guide Travel Guard is travel insurance and assistance that travels with you. Coverages include: Trip cancellation and delay, lost baggage, medical emergency travel insurance Weight loss site provides links to a variety of information about diets, eating, hoodia, fitness, nutrition, cooking and more weight loss Consumer Reports' guide to auto insurance. Many people stick with the same insurance carrier year after year without ever shopping for a better deal auto insurance guide Noble Marine Insurance specialise in boat insurance and yacht insurance for all classes of sailing dinghy ... Yacht Insurance Guide · List of Dinghy Classes boat insurance guide Car insurance quotes and policies, also provides instant ... Insurance Company Guide · Lawsuit Library · More Interactive Tools car insurance guide Be careful though, if you stretch out a debt consolidation loan ... If not, you will get the debt consolidation loan, pay off your debts debt consolidation guide complete flower guide to all kinds of flower related information, includes descriptions on flower meanings, various flower types, significance of flowers guide Hair Transplant and Hair Loss Resource ... Jonathan, a member of the Head of Hair Team, tells of his own experiences and motivations. Geoff's Time In Athens hair loss guide View instant health insurance quotes, health insurance news and advice, and health ... The Consumer Insurance Guide Search health insurance guide Provides tips for insurance buying and a glossary of insurance terms. Includes overviews on buying long-term care, flood, homeowners, renters insurance guide California Occupational Guide Number 189 Interest Area 1 1998 THE JOB INTERIOR DESIGNERS plan and design or redesign attractive and useful interiors for interior design guide Loans Guides. Select an area of loans you would like to know more about... Career Development Loans Guide · Graduate Loans Guide · Money makeover loan guide